The inspirational tale of Golding & Son begins in the 1830′s when the sailing ship Resource sailed from London to Van Diemens Land. Aboard the vessel were numerous convicts, a skeleton crew and a small number of free-settlers with high hopes of a better life than before. Severe storms battered their journey and for some occupants it was considered as rough and cold as the convicts being transported.

Van Diemen's Land bound sailing shipConsisting solely of 600 colonists, Hobart town was nothing but dusty trails, tents, a few small buildings, numerous convicts, free settlers, gum trees, Aboriginals and a few entrepreneurs with vision.

Mr David Barclay was one such man. Knowing his skills would be highly valued, he adverstised his clock and watch services following the day of his arrival.

Times were tough, but confidence in his ability and high level of craftmanship grew the business. Shortly, it was necessary to employ Mr W.H Golding as his leading hand. After numerous years learning the trade, Mr Golding purchased the business and relocated the premise to the corner of Elizabeth and Liverpool Streets – thereafter known as Golding’s Corner since 1875.

Mr W H GoldingDuring the great depression a building subdivision was necessary and a range of other businesses occupied part of the lower level (i.e. A greengrocer, a camera shop and an airline). However, financial times were stronger in 1992 and a removal of the subdivision re-established the shop to its original glory and re-claimed the historical Golding’s Corner.

The fine skills of Mr Barclay have been passed from generation to generation and have evolved as much as life itself in Old Hobart Town.

Today, Mr Pearce proudly owns the store as much as Mr Golding and Mr Barclay. Specialising in diamonds, Mr Pearce graduated in Gemology with Distinction. He travels regularly overseas to source the best available products and to maintain his strong relationship with a DeBeers diamond site holder – therefore cutting the long chain of distribution and hence providing exceptional value for your money.

Their current craftsmen have over 50 years of living experience and nearly 200 years of crafting history to draw upon – by world standards, this is exceptional.

Although the craftsmen of Golding & Son have changed over the years, there’s one thing that will never change – the guarantee of fine quality jewellery and jewellery masterpieces.

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